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23rd-Aug-2006 07:41 pm(no subject)

And The Pirates

At episode 60, the first speaking role given to a female character in this livejournal comic, goes to none other then a plastic Keira Knightley. Why not head on over and show your support?

This particular episode was even filmed on location in the Caribbean.

This isn't their first fandom cross over either, they have Elrond as an on going character, and they've also featured both Harry Potter and Hitchhiker's Guide characters.

Or, check out the First Episode
18th-Aug-2006 03:19 pm(no subject)
[Dorohedoro] Ebisu - words
Heylo everyone!

I just have a desperate question, about a wallpaper (perhaps someone here knows which one,) seeing as my computer decided to be mean and I can't locate my favourite Jack Sparrow Wallpaper. I've tried looking on sites for it again, but I have a funny feeling I picked it up on an LJ community and have forgotten which one. T____T It was so pretty, too.

So, perhaps someone here can help? (Sorry if this isn't allowed, but I wasn't sure where to go! Where else but to fellow Jack-lovers?)
5th-Aug-2006 07:41 pm - KEIRA WALLPAPER

First attempt at a Keira Wallpaper.
Made By xbraindeadx Using Photoshop CS.

4th-Aug-2006 09:01 pm(no subject)

Here's a Johnny Depp Wallpaper.

Was created by xbraindeadx Using Photoshop CS

29th-Jul-2006 08:30 am - New Banner

Here's a new banner for the community! 

Tell me what you think!

21st-Jul-2006 07:44 pm(no subject)

Hi there, This is somuchislost. I have a new LJ account, and have transferred ownership to myself.
Anyways, I'm going to keep the comm the same as it is, and hopefull get some new members!
Also, I'm going to be making this so that, entries can be made friends only or public, and it's left up to the poster to decide.
please keep all the icons/graphics/gossip etc coming.

Lastly, if you can, pleae could you add a link to pirate junkies on your bio, to help promote the community! :)

Thanks x

19th-Jul-2006 11:19 am - 05 POTC Icons

Ok here only 5 of my icons so far. 
I'm new at this and slow, so i would like some comments and tips etc let me know if and where i go wrong etc etc! :)


17th-Jul-2006 02:17 pm - Hi!
First of all, I just joined this community a few seconds ago. Because I needed somewhere to blab about PotC with fellow Pirates fans. So yay for this community, and yay for the maintainer! *cheer*
Secondly, I just wanted to say the following:


-xx- Quana
13th-Jul-2006 10:55 pm - Welcome

This Community Is Members Only. 

If you would like to join in and post, please join the community! 

You will not see any entries until you are a member. 

Please read and familiarise yourself with the rules.

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